Director of Children’s and Youth Ministry (DCYM)
Trinity Presbyterian Church, Denton, TX

Overall job description:
The primary focus of this position is on children and youth, fostering their faith formation and their integration into the life of the church. This person will work under
the supervision of the pastor, with guidance from the Christian Education Committee and oversight from the Personnel Committee. It is expected that the person filling this  position will recruit and equip Trinity members and friends to participate in leading children and youth activities, and work with families of these children and youth to help them encourage their children in these activities.

The secondary focus of this position is on the general Christian Education programs of
the church. As a staff member of a small church, they may be asked periodically to
contribute to other ministries of the congregation.

Hours and benefits:
This is a salaried position, with the expectation that the person should average about 20
to 25 hours a week. Those hours must include Sunday mornings, with the remaining time split over Sunday afternoons or evenings and other days of the week. This Director of Children’s and Youth Ministry will be present at Youth Group gatherings. This person should also have some flexibility in their calendar to occasionally participate in camps, retreats, lock-ins, etc.

Available benefits include:

  • Health insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Dental insurance
  • 403(b)
  • Flexible schedule
  • Retirement plan
  • Flexible spending account
  • Parental leave
  • Professional development assistance

Job requirements and preferences:
The person filling this position should be rooted in Christ, open to trying new things, approachable, energetic, organized, self-directed, and with some theological education (formal or informal). Planning, delegation, and communication skills are key.

Preference will be given to those with one or more of the following: experience in educational settings with children and youth, Presbyterian (PC-USA) background, a higher education or graduate degree in Christian education, and/or someone with the ability to lead children/youth in singing.

The DCYM will be responsible for coordinating children’s (birth through grade 5) and
youth ministry (grade 6-12) and will also assist with adult Christian education. Primary
duties include the following:

Volunteer Coordination
1. Recruit teachers and leaders for all children’s and youth programming, including
Sunday School classes for children and youth, Godly Play for young children
during worship, youth group meetings on Sunday evenings, youth trips, and
Vacation Bible School (VBS) for children.
2. Conduct biennial criminal background checks ( and maintain
accurate and current records for all those who work with children and youth.
3. Train, support, and supervise all volunteers as necessary.

Planning and Curriculum
1. Provide curriculum and resources for all children’s and youth programming and
other faith activities for families.
2. Develop youth and children ministry programs that include opportunities for
worship, study, fellowship, and mission.
3. Supervise the stewardship of church resources by making sure crafts and
curriculum resources stay well-organized and that the building is cleaned after
youth and children’s events.

Teaching and Leading
1. Teach some children’s and youth classes and programming. Most teaching will
be done by volunteers that the DCYM coordinates, but the DCYM will also plan
to teach and lead some programming and regularly serve as a backup if
2. Lead or coordinate others to lead special parts of the worship service related to
children or youth. This includes the Word of God for Children, which happens
every Sunday, and occasional events such as youth-led worship, presenting
children for confirmation, giving Bibles to children and youth, and recognizing
children and youth during worship at the beginning of the school year,
graduation, and before or after events such as youth trips and VBS.
3. Maintain personal relationships with children and youth. Work with children,
youth, and their families to increase participation in all the above children and
youth programs. Be diligent in contacting new church members who have
children and youth and maintaining contact with all children, youth, and their
parents to foster their relationships with the church. Greet visitors on Sunday
mornings and help them become familiar with the locations and topics of Sunday
School classes.
4. Be informed and educated regarding current resources and trends in the fields of
children’s ministry, youth ministry, and Christian education.

1. Serve on, provide resources for, and assist the Christian Education Committee.
2. Work with the Children’s Ministry Team (CMT) to plan and implement activities
that focus on developing nurturing relationships between parents, children, and
the larger Trinity community.
3. Actively communicate with parents, youth, staff, and committee leaders in
effective ways, including social media, so that schedules can be coordinated, and
information can be shared.
4. Work to provide for the needs of the nursery and supervise the paid nursery
5. Advertise presbytery, synod, and General Assembly youth events. Secure adult
sponsors and register youth and adult sponsors. Coordinate Prairie Valley Legacy
Committee Scholarships.

For further information and to be put in contact with the search committee:
Please contact Reverend Craig Hunter, Trinity Presbyterian Church, 2200 N Bell Ave,
Denton, TX 76209. Phone 940-382-8815.

Trinity is an affirming community that welcomes people of different backgrounds, races,
sexual and gender identities, and more. We have fun with each other on our Christian
journey. We currently have a small number of children and youth but are committed to
their Christian nurture and growth.