Christian education

Christian Education – Sunday School for all ages 9:30-10:30 each week

New Adult Classes:


Guided Prayer, Scripture, Music, and Mandala Drawing

Participants will be treated to a peaceful, calm, guided experience of prayer and artful expression. David McKenzie has been offering this to others in the Denton Community and now we at Trinity are blessed to benefit from his expertise. If you are an introvert, this class is definitely for you. Or, if you just want to experience something peaceful and calming in a class setting, come on along. After the initial eight weeks, participants will select how they want to craft the class for the concluding four weeks. David McKenzie, guide


Galatians and James  A Kerygma Bible Study

Galatians - With an impassioned eloquence, the Apostle Paul puts forth his doctrine of justification by grace alone. Lest anyone mistake this liberty as permission to ignore the moral code, Paul reasserts what he perceives as the true function of the Mosaic Law in relation to God's grace manifested in Christ.  

JAMES - The author of this small but mighty letter is certainly not in disagreement with Paul—salvation is found solely through Christ. Moreover, both writers would probably agree that Christian life should be expressed by deeds of charity.  Alex Simmons, teacher


Children and Youth Classes:

Three- and Four-year-old Class taught by Pat Cheek

K through Second Grade Class taught by Carolyn Harrod and Shae Ebrahimi

Third through Fifth Grade Class taught by Karen McCormick

Younger Youth Class taught by Karyn Blucker

Adult Sunday School Classes  April 8 through May 20

No Sunday School on April 1 or May 27


Whisperings of the Spirit and Conversations of Faith


Boundaries With Kids


WHISPERINGS OF THE SPIRIT AND CONVERSATIONS OF FAITH--A Glance at our Book of Confessions, The Rev. Shelby Miller, teacher


The Reformed faith has produced multiple statements of faith as confessions and catechisms as an ongoing conversation with their world, their ancestors, and themselves. In it, we can hear the whisperings of the Holy Spirit “calling us from tomorrow,” as one of our hymns puts it.  As a study leading up to Pentecost, or the celebration of the gift of the Spirit, this class will take a quick look at reformed confessions from the Scots Confession to the recent Belhar Confession, looking at what brought about its writing and adoption, together with one or two new themes each.  In the last day of class, we will turn ourselves into a mock “confessional committee” to compile a list of of what we think should be in a statement of faith that our society, as well as ourselves, desperately need to hear. 


“Boundaries With Kids: When To Say Yes, When To Say No, To Help Your Children Gain Control of Their Lives” by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend

The Rev. Dr. Melissa Hunter, facilitator


Who Should Read This Book and Participate in Sunday School: Parents/Caregivers of all ages, infants—teens, Grandparents, Teachers


This is a not problem-centered but principle-centered. “All of us like to set boundaries, but we don’t like to hear other people’s boundaries…. Ever since the time of Adam and Eve, taking ownership of our lives and accepting responsibility for ourselves is something we have resisted. Your task as a parent is to help your child develop inside him/her what you have been providing on the outside: responsibility, self-control, and freedom. Setting and maintain boundaries is not an easy task, but with the right ingredients, it really works” (p.7). 


Outline of Boundaries with Kids (p.10):

Part I Why kids need boundaries; kids taking responsibility

Part II Boundary principles kids need to know; not just teaching children boundaries but being a boundary

         Part III Implementing boundaries with kids


Summer Sunday School for Trinity Children

Trinity offers year-round Sunday School for everyone. Because of availability of teachers, adults are asked to teach on a rotating basis throughout the summer. This gives the regular teachers a much-deserved rest.  Also, it offers lots of adults the opportunity to interact with Trinity’s awesome little ones.  If you are interested in helping out some this summer by teaching Trinity children, please contact Beth Thompson, DCE.  You will receive your week of curriculum and accompanying materials in early May.  The summer dates are Sunday June 3 through Sunday August 26, 13 Sundays.  


All adults at Trinity who are in classrooms with children and youth pass a nationwide criminal and sex offender background check before beginning to teach.  The background check is conducted online by DCE Beth Thompson