MLK Day of Service in the Name of Jesus Christ


Last Sunday night (Jan. 14), Trinity youth spent the night at the church and watched and talked about MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech. The next day, Martin Luther King Day, Alexa Alfonzo, Lexi Duhon, Joey Duhon, Ibi Eni, Sarah Harrod, Mika Jensen, Mikey Jensen, Camryn Ketchersid, Dan Duhon, and Beth Thompson sorted clothes at Ruth’s Room, experienced Ellen Frenkel’s art exhibit on peace and justice at Voertman’s, and loaded a truck for delivery and received donations at Friends of the Family Thrift Store on University. At Ruth’s Room at 11:00 a.m., the youth and staff of Ruth’s Room joined together in singing “Amazing Grace.” Trinity youth are eager to serve God’s people in a variety of ways and do it with joy, creativity, and enthusiasm.


Fellowship, building friendships, sharing good food. All this sounds good, doesn’t it? Your session wants all this to happen. One of the goals the session set for itself was to increase opportunities for fellowship for our members. We’ve been having more all church events; people have been sharing their lives in Trinity Greetings; small groups like lay ministry, sewing, quilting, knitting, and gardening have been formed

Now we are planning another way to bring small groups of Trinity people together in a way that feeds our bodies as well as our souls. We are planning small group dinners in homes throughout this fall and into next year.


What is different about these meals is that the dinner parties will be planned to build new friendships. Hosts and guests will be matched in a way to bring people together- people who may not know each other very well. We are recruiting members who would like to host as well as members who would like to be guests. We hope the groups will spend a leisurely evening enjoying the company of people they may only know from Sunday school or through passing the peace. 

If you are interested in hosting or in being a guest, please email Jill Slade. We hope to get these meals going before the new year.