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No Sunday School on May 27

Church Information -- Church office hours are 1-5 p.m., Monday-Friday.  

Work Day Scheduled

May 26th from 9 a.m. to noon, we will be doing yard work in the playground area. Bring your favorite tool and join us. 

SAVE THE DATE AND POLISH UP YOUR BAKING SKILLS, Sunday June 3 at coffee hour and after church.


We are having a Bake Sale to send our youth to the Mo-PAM (Presbyterian Association of Musicians) Worship and Music Conference in June.  It costs about $561 to send each child to the conference for the week and we have to send two sponsors as well.  We did get some scholarship money from PAM and from the Prairie Valley Legacy Fund, all the parents are contributing and there is a little money in the church budget, but we need between $600--$800 more.  


Cookies, cakes, pies, bread, cheese crisps, rolls, etc., etc.  Anything welcome!

Music Notes

 SAVE the DATE!  Trinity Camp, July 16-20.  9:30--2:30 with program on July 20 at 6:30.  Musical will be Table for Five--Thousand!  Children, grades 2-5; Youth grades 6-12.  

Stay tuned for more details!

Summer Spiritual Journaling Group 

There is a long history in Christian spirituality of using journals as a tool in spiritual growth and development. Having opportunities to share with others also fosters both community and regularity. If you are interested in participating in a spiritual journaling group this summer,  or if you have other questions, please contact Pastor Craig at

2018-2019 Presbyterian Planning Calendar

 Orders for the 2018-1019 Presbyterian Planning Calendar will be taken through May 15.  Cost when ordered through the church is $12.50. Call or email the church office.

Christian Education

Tex Mix Stories of Earthy Mysticism with Tex Sample on DVD   9 weeks

You've heard of tall tales - Tex Sample definitely has a few of those. But these tales are more on the order of deep and wide in their meaning. The DVD also includes Tex 's introduction to storytelling, related Scripture texts and discussion questions.   Come hear the gospel told in excellent storytelling form.


WHY?  Making Sense of God’s Will 4 weeks

Where is God when tragedy and suffering strike? When the ground shakes, and a poor nation's economy is destroyed; when the waters rise, washing away a community's hopes and dreams; when a child suffers neglect and abuse; when violence tears apart nations where is God? If God is all powerful, and if each one of us is a beloved child of God, then how can God allow tragedy and suffering to mar his creation?  In Why?, best-selling author Adam Hamilton brings fresh insight to the age-old question of how to understand the will of God. Rejecting simplistic answers and unexamined assumptions, he lays out core ideas for comprehending God's plan for the world.

          This class will be taught by Christian Education Committee members and friends.

Trinity Tee-Shirts

The Evangelism Committee has made tee shirts for Trinity. They cost $10.The initial order of 50 are almost sold out.  We have placed an additional order of 50 shirts that should be ready by Sunday March 4th. 


The shirts say:

Trinity Presbyterian Church

All Are Welcome.........Really!

The Theology Reading Group is for anyone who is interested in growing their faith through studying theology. Each month we read a different book and talk about it. All who read the book are welcome. Our next meeting is on Sunday afternoon, June 3rd.  We will be discussing the book What About Hitler? Wrestling with Jesus’s Call to Nonviolence in an Evil World, by Robert W. Brimlow. The book touches upon issues of war, upon Gandhi and Orwell and Bonhoeffer, and much else besides. If you would like me to order a book, please email me at In the words of theologian Stanley Hauerwas, “This is not an easy book to read, which is why Brimlow’s book is so important. The hard clarity of this power witnesses his refusal to report any easy answer to the question posed in the title.  As a result, however, he has answered that question in the only honest way it can be answered.” 

Letters For Denton County Jail Inmates (on Colorado near McKinney)


          Have you ever received a letter from someone who tells you that he/she cares for you and wants the best for you, and is praying for you. Maybe from your mom or dad or your grandparent! A hand printed letter. Not typed.

          There are over 1300 inmates at our Denton County Jail. Average stay is 9 months. Maybe your letter could make a difference. The jail chaplain said that almost no mail arrives for the inmates. In fact, the rule had been only family could send mail and most didn’t.  With the chaplain’s help, Trinity Presbyterian and St. James AME have been invited to send mail. It is anonymous. You will not know the inmate, nor will the inmate have your name. But YOUR letter could make a difference for that one person. For more information please email Jackie Bruce at

Volunteer needed: The Annual Book Exchange at Trinity needs a new leader. Your job will be to set the dates, advertise for books and then find homes for the books not taken. If you need more information please contact Diane Winchester.

Contemplative Prayer Group

 I am looking to re-start or continue contemplative prayer groups in the spring. In such a group, we commit to meeting approximately twice a month for 90 minutes to listen to God through a variety of prayer forms. Each session includes an introduction to a type of contemplative prayer (e.g.  Lectio Divina, the Examen, Breath Prayer, Walking the Labyrinth, etc.) followed by time spent praying in that manner, time spent journaling about it, and time spent sharing with each other.  Anyone with questions or anyone interested in joining such a group or continuing in such a group, please contact me at

New Week-Day Bible Study Class

“Psalms for Our Spiritual Journey” is the subject and title of a new week-day Bible study class. Meeting on Thursdays from 1:00-2:30 pm, the class will start on April 5. The group will be both studying and praying the psalms. Along with the Bible and hymns, the class will use the book, “A Long Obedience in the Same Direction: Discipleship in an Instant Society” to look at a specific group of psalms. The author of the book is Eugene Peterson, translator of “The Message.”  To participate, please contact Carol Wood (702-821-6704) so a book can be ordered for you. A sign-up sheet is available in the Narthex.

Guided Prayer, Scripture, Music, and Mandala Drawing

Participants will be treated to a peaceful, calm, guided experience of prayer and artful expression. David McKenzie has been offering this to others in the Denton Community and now we at Trinity are blessed to benefit from his expertise. If you are an introvert, this class is definitely for you. Or, if you just want to experience something peaceful and calming in a class setting, come on along. After the initial eight weeks, participants will select how they want to craft the class for the concluding four weeks. David McKenzie, guide

Galatians and James  A Kerygma Bible Study

Galatians - With an impassioned eloquence, the Apostle Paul puts forth his doctrine of justification by grace alone. Lest anyone mistake this liberty as permission to ignore the moral code, Paul reasserts what he perceives as the true function of the Mosaic Law in relation to God's grace manifested in Christ.

JAMES - The author of this small but mighty letter is certainly not in disagreement with Paul—salvation is found solely through Christ. Moreover, both writers would probably agree that Christian life should be expressed by deeds of charity.  Alex Simmons, teacher



This is a survey class addressing a range of social justice issues and facilitated by the S.A.L.T.Shakers . (Simple Abundant Living Travelers)

Each session focuses on an issue which challenges our sanity, the effects on it of our current economic system, and its relationship to a familiar passage of scripture. Addressed will be: economy, education, human rights, immigration, criminal justice, climate, food, health, media.

Participants are asked to bring a notebook and pencil or pen, and to make a commitment to attend each class if possible for the sake of continuity. This 12 week class will meet through Palm Sunday. Contact persons are Jean and Dawson Tunnell.



9:30 – 9:40         Silent reflection on posted biblical passage, writing optional , and opening prayer. 

9:40 – 9:45         optional sharing in relation to passage. 

9:45 -  10:15       presentation of information on issue

10:15 – 10:28     discussion , using facilitator’s questions, handouts

10:28                   announce subject for next week and in a spirit of reverence, close with prayer and reading together the passage of scripture again.

Summer Sunday School for Trinity Children

Trinity offers year-round Sunday School for everyone. Because of availability of teachers, adults are asked to teach on a rotating basis throughout the summer. This gives the regular teachers a much-deserved rest.  Also, it offers lots of adults the opportunity to interact with Trinity’s awesome little ones.  If you are interested in helping out some this summer by teaching Trinity children, please contact Beth Thompson, DCE.  You will receive your week of curriculum and accompanying materials in early May.  The summer dates are Sunday June 3 through Sunday August 26, 13 Sundays.  


All adults at Trinity who are in classrooms with children and youth pass a nationwide criminal and sex offender background check before beginning to teach.  The background check is conducted online by DCE Beth Thompson.

Garden News

 The Pentecost picnic stayed inside because of the good soaking rain we got that morning. The potatoes, although ready for digging, were deemed too muddy and messy for the circumstances. The children helped harvest a lot of onions and sugar snaps for donation to Our Daily Bread.

This coming Saturday morning, in addition to normal gardening tasks, we hope to see everyone for the all church work day, where the focus will be on improving the playground area.  

Garden Work Days


Date and Time                                                          

Saturday            May 26               9 AM – noon    Plant pumpkin (Big Moon)                

TRINITY MOVES takes place on Thursday from 6:00-7:00 p.m. in Fellowship Hall.  Yoga mats are provided. 


May 24 Lily Sloan-Childcare will be available
May 31 Kevin Campbell

Creative Expression Class

If you attended any of the Creative Expression Sunday School classes this fall (or if you didn't and would still like to come), please join us for the last three sessions of the class. Jean Tunnell and Carolyn Harrod will be leading the last three sessions, which will explore the commonalities that exist in different creative processes, both the power and the anxiety in self-expression, and how our faith plays a role in our creativity. All are welcome to join us!  


Children and Youth Classes:

Three- and Four-year-old Class taught by Pat Cheek

K through Second Grade Class taught by Carolyn Harrod and Shae Ebrahimi

Third through Fifth Grade Class taught by Karen McCormick

Younger Youth Class taught by Karyn Blucker

Youth at Trinity

Trinity youth (6th through 12th graders) are gathering on Sunday evenings for supper, fellowship, fun, learning, and Bible study.  The Trinity Jubilant Singers meet from 5-5:40, and supper and activities follow. 


Women’s Lunch Group

Women at Trinity meet for lunch at the Greenhouse every Thursday at 11:30. Please join us anytime and enjoy the fellowship.

Coffee Fellowship snack providers needed.

More clean-up assistance now provided.

 To make supporting Coffee Fellowship even easier, we're now providing additional help with clean-up afterward. Becoming a snack provider is easy, simple and so appreciated by all our members and guests. The Fellowship Committee will manage beverages, plus help with setting out the refreshments and assist with clean-up, like managing the coffee urns or taking recycling to the curb. We're here to help you help others. The next time you enjoy coffee and snacks before the Sunday service, stop by the bulletin board and sign up to bring refreshments—just something simple such as grapes or cookies, cheese and crackers, a veggie tray or some pickles. Keep it simple and we'll help you keep it clean.

Vacation Bible School!  5:30-7:30 each evening

Sunday June 3 through Wednesday June 6

Babylon--Daniel’s Courage in Captivity

Sunday—Potluck    Monday through Wednesday—supper provided

Ages three through fifth grade will be students.

Youth will be assistant teachers and leaders.

Adult will be teachers.

If you would like child care for children younger than three, please contact Beth Thompson.


All participants-- students, teachers, and leaders--are invited to wear Bible-time clothing!  

You may make your own outfit at home and wear it, or you may select from the variety of options at the church.  

If you will be wearing something from the church, please come early the first night to pick out what you will wear.  

If you would like, you may wear the same outfit each night.


The Worship Committee and the Christian Education Committee will be offering a nightly opportunity

for parents to gather in order to learn and talk about children in worship.

Coming Events

May 18             7:00-9:30 p.m.                 People for Justice in Palestine and Israel-   Remember the Nakba

May 20                    12:15 p.m.                Pentecost Picnic at Trinity

May 21                       Noon                      Presbyterian Women’s Book Club

May 28                                                      The church office will be closed for labor day.

May 29                      6:00 p.m.                Session Sack Supper

                                   6:30 p.m.                Session Meeting

June 3-6           5:30-7:30 p.m.                Vacation Bible School