Welcome to trinity

We are an unusual group of people here at Trinity. Looking at the pictures on our web site and in our picture directory, I see both newcomers and charter members, young and old, saints and sinners (that's each one of us!), people of different life situations. (Just ask people about their denominational history and listen to the varied responses!) Each of these faces is a glimpse into a story, a story that isn't finished yet; and I hope this web site will facilitate the sharing of those stories amongst ourselves and with those who join us in the future. Our community is a story-sharing community. We worship God together, we care for each other, we learn together, we do mission together -- in and through all of this, we share our stories with each other. Our stories are holy, because our God is active and present even in the seemingly ordinary patterns of our lives. We are reminded of that as we share our ongoing stories with each other. We are also reminded that ultimately, our stories are not our own. They belong to God. That is the good news that binds us together as a community of faith. In the name of Christ, we celebrate your presence with us. May your story, and your face, feel welcome in this place.


Pastor Craig Hunter